“All that i ever dreamt of,

Thought of and wished to become,
Started with strength i built within myself”

Do you want to change your lifestyle and improve your physical condition
but you don’t know where to start?

Do you live in or around London? You’ve come to the right place! Meet Brendan and start your adventure with a healthy lifestyle and sport today.
Brendan as a Certified Personal Trainer will show you how to improve fitness, build form and improve your body.
Unbound and now you need to connect with Brendan, who has prepared a tailored training plan and diet containing macronutrients , depending on your needs.

Brendan offers 1-1 personal trainings that include individual meetings in the gym with Total Trainers.
During trainings, they watch over the use of exercise techniques and your safety.

If you don’t have time for personal meetings, nothing is lost. Especially for you, Brendan has prepared an opportunity for online coaching.
The offer includes a personalized training plan, 24/7 contact and video consultations along with an analysis of your progress.
However, if solutions are available, you can already buy one of Brendan’s versatile programs.

Don’t wait! Take a look at the Contact Us tab and start changing your life for the better from today!

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I began with Brendan on January 14th 2015 to begin my journey in personal fitness. At the time, I was dissatisfied with my physical appearance, fitness and overall thoughts about how to get the best out of life. I needed a positive shift! From starting, I slowly began to use the gym to carve out a new lifestyle, making it an anchoring point to initiate improvements towards my physical,  mental and emotional health. It has become more than a routine. It has become a part of me and I have begin to manifest a Fuller and more satisfying lifestyle for my self! Although I am very much still on my journey, I have gained lessons that will serve me throughout life. I would recommend Brendans’s service to anyone determined to make a change for the better.


I play amateur American Footbal and this off-season I was kenn to gain some strength and size. Having know Brendan since Iniversity and his past experience with the sport and fitness in general, I was eager to tap into his array of knowledge to help me succeed with my goals. I opted for a bespoke 6 week plan that was programmed specifically to what I wanted to achieve and it’s been great tackling it. I’ve seen steady improvements in some of my weaker areas (legs especially!) and all round I’m feeling as strong as I ever have done. The programming is easy to understand and none of the exercises are too technically challenging, so it’s been easy to get in the gym and apply it. I’ve been really happy with the opening results, so have now extended the program into a second phase and look forward to continue putting in work to see it all come to fruition when my next season starts – bigger and stronger!


When I first met Brendan I was skeptical about training with a personal trainer. However, a painful and long-lasting back injury convinced me to give it a go. Fasting forward and 4 months later I am pain-free and even booking extra sessions. Brendan changed my quality of life drastically, he works with a personal touch and strong focus on an individual’s sportive and mental abilities. I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to train with him and the progress we have made over the last couple of months.


I have been weightlifting for a few years but had never followed a programme designed for my goals. I approached Brendan after seeing the type of clients he works with and the results they have achieved with him. I had strength based goals such as being able to do dead hang pull ups and working towards 5 reps at 80 kg squats. Brendan created a 6 week programme tailored to my needs and took into consideration my hectic work/life balance and also accommodating the weekly gym classes that I love doing to ensure that i enjoy the programme and achieve my goals. After completing my first 6 week block, I am able to do two deadhang pull ups, squat 80 kg for 4 and I am so much stronger with all my other compound and accessory movements. Brendan was extremely helpful in analysing the videos of my movements and helping with my technique and giving me tips and tricks to think about during the exercises. Looking back at the weights I used during week 1 in comparison to week 6, I am proud of myself for my progress and wouldn’t have been able to do it without Brendan. I’m currently on week 1 of my second 6 week block and I’m already looking forward to seeing what Brendan has in store for me!

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