…my name is Brendan Walkin. If you haven’t already been introduced to me on ITV’s Inch Loss Island, I am a lifetime natural power-bodybuilder, Certified Personal Trainer,
Strength and Conditioning Coach not to forget to mention, your inspirator and motivator
on the fitness platform Fitney. Up until my move to England, I’ve been involved in sports
since a young age starting in the beautiful Island of the Turks and Caicos, and have
gone on to reach both competitive and international levels.

I’ve had a huge passion for fitness and bodybuilding since my youth. However, what transformed me into pursuing a life where fitness would be my platform from which I could motivate others to be their best started in High school. Although I was engaged in sport,
I was very unassured of myself and had flat line low self-esteem.
I did not like my appearance and it showed in my attitude towards my friends and family. After dropping out of University. I felt like I was going nowhere.
I gave up on a lot of things but made the commitment in myself not to give up on the gym. It was the only thing at the time I was putting in work and could see the gradual but assured outcome of success. That fueled me! For the first time I saw that I could build and create something I envisioned and I felt almost reborn! I then turned all my attention to sharing this new found “power”, to show others that all we want, dream and can be, starts with the belief in ourselves that we can! Better starts now!